Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Want to Run

Time to clean. Time to work. Time to sleep. Time to run.


I find no time. No time to clean. No time to work. No time to sleep. No time to run.

I must run. I will run. I will make time.

Week 3... almost done. I scramble to fit in the long runs. I will run tomorrow- 5 miles.

5 miles.

That is what I run. Amazing. 3 weeks ago, I ran nothing. Tomorrow I run 5 in the frigid northern air.

I will freeze. Droplets will freeze in my hair. My fingers will go numb. I will run regardless.

I choose to run.

I will run.

I want to run.

It clears my head. It clears my body. It helps me think.

I will run 5 miles tomorrow.

Camo Pants