Monday, January 23, 2012

I Became One

I am embarrassed to admit that I have neglected this blog to the point of starting it, writing for a little bit then dropping it like a hot potato. Rather sad, isn't it?

The good news is that while I have not been blogging- I have been running. In fact, last week I ran a HALF MARATHON. Yup, the full 13.1 miles. Since I started this blog and began my journey to becoming a runner, I became one.

I have had a lot of running time to focus on what makes a runner. This is what I found, you simply get out and pound the pavement. That is what makes a runner- they do it. I have really enjoyed discovering that I can run. I was afraid that I could not physically do it and had to overcome the mind game that comes with running. I run outside in the snow, rain and sleet. I run in the heat and humidity. I do not run fast but I do run.

I have found that I love it. I enjoy the feeling it brings me- the jolt of energy. It is difficult to find energy to complete my tasks some days. The children need me. My husband needs me. My job...well, you get the idea. When I run, the only thing that needs me is me. I focus on myself for that hour 3 times a week. It is an amazing journey for me. I am thinking about a full marathon in October- maybe.

Gotta Run~

~Camo Pants