Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's fitting that a gal ran by my house tonight. This probably does not seem odd to any of you- especially those of you who live in town. Out here, we are the only one of three houses on our road and one is uninhabited.

I did run yesterday. It was a good night but I only had a small window to complete it.

"How did I do?" You may question...

Okay. No more- no less. I ran 1.46 miles. Not fast- not slow. I liked it though. I had a hard time walking this morning at church my ankle was very stiff. This is not unheard of this time of year but the running didn't help I suppose. I want to commit to this thing called running. I really do. I am trying. Pretty soon I will either commit or quit. Hopefully commit. I am looking to run 3 days a week and ride a bike 2. That's 5 days on 2 days off. Doable? Yes, this time of year but what about the summer? I don't even have time to eat in the summer. How am I going to commit then? I want to commit wholeheartedly or deal in the truth that I do not have the time, motivation or whatever that it takes to be a runner...

A real runner. That's what I want.


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