Monday, November 7, 2011

The Struggles

I was supposed to run 2 miles today but life got in the way. Total run? None. I am disappointed. It got dark before I even stepped in the house tonight. I plan on getting up before we go to the barn and running the 2 miles. I don't know- I haven't run in the dark much.

I still am working through the logistics for making my 'dreams' a reality. I think that I struggle the most with making the running time my own and not letting myself get too caught up in the expectations. What can make this round different, I wonder? I really have enjoyed my runs and hope that I am able to focus enough on this to make a decision. Perhaps I am over thinking it?

I do think about the other runners. They too must struggle with conflicts, pain and other ailments. Why does it look so easy for them? I know that it is not easy for anyone. It is a choice and I simply must make it. I guess I am not in a particular rush...

Running in

~Camo Pants

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